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Guided Fishing Trips

It’s chinook season, time to get fishing! You’ve been looking for the some of the best-guided fishing trips on the Southern Oregon coast, and you found us, Angling Adventures. We're known for some of the best fishing trips in the Pacific Northwest. We fish for halibut, salmon, tuna, rockfish, lingcod, crab and many other types of species. We also have guided eco tours and offer whale watching adventures. Name your preference, and we will take a trip out to sea. We serve tours for those visiting Florence, OR, and the seaside cities on the Oregon coast. Come on and adventure with us as we sail off into the sea.

We have several off shore fishing trips available too, for those who want to look at our beautiful shoreline while fishing or eco-touring. Our boats and captains are certified by the Coast Guard, and we take great pride on safely traveling with our fishers and tourists. What’s your adventure? We have great prices on our fishing expeditions, and we’ve never had a customer complain about being bored or otherwise. If you’re heading to Florence, Coos Bay, Winchester Bay or around the southern Oregon coast, then ask us about our day rentals and make your trip the way you want to enjoy it.

Ready to go on one of our memorable guided fishing trips? Let us at Angling Adventures take you and your guests out on the Pacific Coast to explore what Southern Oregon offers! As the charter season approaches us, book your offshore fishing trips ahead of time to avoid being completely booked up. We also have discounts for groups, so the more friends you bring, the better the price. If you’re heading to Florence, Coos Bay, Winchester Bay or the southern coast, explore the seas with our once in a lifetime trips. We hope you sail away with us.

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